Junio 26, 2017

UK PM May will face leadership challenge if she softens Brexit

19 Junio 2017, 03:45 | Crisanna Felipe

Theresa May is working on forming a working agreement with the DUP

Jeremy Corbyn says he will topple Theresa May 'within a matter of days'

"We will continue to take the fight to the Tories and I will be out campaigning around the country in Conservative marginals, in those extra seats we need to gain to deliver the government for the many that nearly 13 million people voted for last week". We will be watching her progress at every step and, if she fails to deliver for Chichester, you can be sure the Labour Party will speak up for all constituents and hold her to account.

The Tories are trying to confirm a majority pact with the Northern Irish DUP - however it is unclear how stable the small parliamentary majority will be, and whether a further General Election will have to be called. Labour increased its share of the swing vote, especially among the 35-44 years old age group, many of whom want Britain to remain in the European Union or are Brexiters who want a "softer, kinder Brexit". The hung Parliament, the outcome of last week's election, is better explained by voters aged 18-24 years, whose shift to Jeremy Corbyn's campaign shored up his votes 51 points more than the national average.

"There is very little time left".

Except, now we have turned out, voted, developed our interests in politics, a lot of people aren't happy. Yet less than a year later, and as Prime Minister, she was bullish about a "hard" Brexit. Labour did well amongst the young and the middle classes but has a way to go to win more traditional, working-class voters.

Do not call a snap election: Finally, lest he be tempted, new Taoiseach Leo Varadkaar should think twice, maybe three times, before rushing to the electorate to capitalise on any honeymoon bounce in the polls! In the past few days, dozens of pundits and politicians who predicted Labour's demise have had to eat crow (and, in once case, literally eat their own book.) In a moment of self awareness, long-time Corbyn-derider and Zack Beauchamp opined: "If these exits are right, I completely underestimated Corbyn's Labour". I've known very politically-astute and engaged 17-year-olds, and people who are 45 and have no idea about what they are talking about. I'm surprised no one has sued ITN for an accident in the workplace. For all his many faults, Jeremy Corbyn did not make such spectacular U-turns and was consistent in his messages and policies for voters. Meanwhile, Tory MPs with relatively strong majorities were telling one another that their vote was holding up and they couldn't wait for the whole thing to be over so they could get on with their lives. It's a lazy, simplistic view that misses the point. "The Conservative's campaign was no doubt shambolic, but that doesn't take away from Corbyn's appeal which has seen him go from 'outside" to potential prime minister in waiting. How?

On the night before polling day, a group of Labour MPs compared notes about how things were looking in their patches. In contrast, I certainly couldn't really find anything relevant to me in the Conservative manifesto. David Prescott (son of John and who works for Corbyn) tweeted a picture of a pie with the word "HUMBLE" on it (see what he did there) and my former boss Harriet Harman retweeted with the correct response "Delicious!" We believe in growing the country's economy - not as an end in itself, but as a means to improve the lives of the many.

I get that he didn't win but we didn't get wiped out which was what was on the cards. Labour strategists realised if they were to get their policy programme out there they needed to get around the media frame that these policies had all been tried before; and failed. When the deck is stacked so heavily in favor of the status quo, when the conventional wisdom of austerity politics and reasonable, sensible plans to raise tuition rates and bomb Syria, remaining "neutral" is to give in to the inertia of lowered expectations. They took what they were given for free and pulled the ladder up behind them. So how did Corbyn do it in the Snapchat election that has rewritten the political rulebook?

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