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Jeremy Corbyn says Labour in 'permanent campaign mode'

18 Junio 2017, 11:27 | Crisanna Felipe

When it came to the detail of the election - canvassing, leaflets, hustings and all the rest - many tens of thousands of people turned out to help, resulting in a level of activity that nearly certainly exceeded even the high point of Labour's 1997 campaign. Nor did Brexit feature loudly in public debate; polls suggested that many who had voted Remain seemed grudgingly to accept that exit from the European Union (EU) would happen and the question was only how to do it well.

Unlike the United States, the UK has an uncodified constitution, and while there are various laws concerning elections, the Prime Minister has traditionally been able to call elections when he or she wishes.

Theresa May promised a "strong and stable" government for the UK.

But we can't rely on Tory handouts from the high table for much longer.

The election has had only one outcome - uncertainty.

May hoped that, as well as strengthening her own hand, she would humiliate and split the Labour party by winning a thumping majority. Only Jeremy Corbyn's Labour is realistically offering this.

This is about much more than winning an election - it is about promoting the idea that Labour is an internationalist party at a time when global leadership is sorely lacking. But that's exactly what he did.

In a sign of the parliamentary guerilla warfare that will face Mrs May as she attempts to run a minority government, a Labour source said: "In Parliament we will be using every opportunity to halt the Tory programme which doesn't have a mandate and use every mechanism to advance our own manifesto and agenda". Whereas May, as I just explained, was seen less and less in those terms. By showing there's room for a different kind of politician - a politician that is principled, relatable and authentic. And it's not by word of mouth.

Then: "If you fail, you can't take the party down with you - that's not fair", Ms Harman told BBC Radio 4's Today programme in July past year, after a vote of no confidence in the Labour leader. In the era of the slick-suited politician who will say anything to stay in power, his genuine belief, commitment and authenticity resonated deeply with voters exhausted of empty cliches and slogans.

Statistics from last week's election reveal voting patterns.

Even so, it was undoubtedly young people who were behind Labour's unprecedented success. In contrast, the UK Labour Party was trailing by about 25 points.

'Part of this relationship is down to age - the expansion of education means that, on average, the young have more qualifications than the old, although the Conservatives still have a "graduation problem" even after accounting for this'. When he first emerged on the scene, Corbyn announced that he sought to bring back a "kinder" brand of politics, steering clear of dirty politics and personal abuse.

Why did Theresa May want to hold an election barely a year after assuming office and just two years after the previous general election?

The message here is that nothing can be taken for granted in politics.

Comparisons with practice in other countries, like France's split presidential and parliamentary voting over a period of weeks and the electoral college system in the US when a president can still win despite losing the popular vote, tend to reinforce the British belief in the effectiveness of their own procedures. In Nigeria, it's hard to tell what values and principles our leaders have. But it didn't work out like that, as we know.

What matters most when the two sides meet next week is setting the right tone.

Croydon-born Grime artist Stormzy also supported the 68-year-old Labour leader.

During the campaign we also had the horrors of the Manchester and London terrorist attacks.

Asked if he was ready to become Prime Minister should the Tories' Queen's Speech be defeated, he said: "Absolutely".

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