Marcha 24, 2018

Minecraft is getting 'Super Duper' 4K graphics and cross-system servers

17 Junio 2017, 01:34 | Benedicto Grullon

"We get some interest from PC people who have been playing 4K games on their PCs now for awhile, and say, 'Okay here's a console that can play a true 4K game with a controller sitting on my couch". Obviously when we think about UWP and the ability for games to run across console and PC, we're getting closer. This is the first time you'll be able to take this game on the go and play it anywhere with anybody, which is a pretty huge deal.

This year's "Call of Duty" returns to World War II.

All Xbox One games will natively play better on the Xbox One X, but developers have to upgrade their games via enhancement patches to enable native 4K textures or checkboard rendering, higher frame rates, improved draw distances, and many, many other graphical and performance tweaks.

Nintendo's recently launched Switch has been a victor, with fans snapping up the console and a Legend of Zelda game that has become a must-play title for fans. "I don't think we want to see the death of games that have a beginning, a middle, and an end".

In an Interview with Vice's Waypoint, Phil Spencer said that the company had a focus prioritized towards hardware and after that, Xbox Live.

This means that the E3 audience was 24 percent more excited about the newest Xbox, which bodes well for the game console brand despite Microsoft's brand failing to capture audience attention and conversations. Xbox One X users can enjoy 4K versions of their favorite games.

Microsoft has worked with Nintendo extensively on "Minecraft". When pressed by Destructoid, Microsoft declined to comment on whether or not Sony would be joining the party, but did say, "we'd love t have PlayStation 4 players using the Bedrock Engine".

The Xbox One X is built for the mature gamer, the player that dives into their gaming lifestyle with swagger and shows off their fancy new toys. It's not clear how the issue would be solved, but that doesn't matter anyhow: Talks between the two companies are at an impasse.

"It won't be as big as Xbox 360, I'll tell people that", said Spencer. Over 30 existing games have free updates coming to make them official Xbox One X Enhanced titles. Microsoft, however, claims it won't be making money on the sale of the upcoming console. But things didn't work out with Sony. He quickly added, "I don't mean that to be snippy".

"You've got a person who really wants a premium experience".

When we looked at the overall design, we could do less memory. In fact, Sony's press conferences generated 12.5 percent more online conversations than Xbox's press conference. With the update, participating consoles get Realms (the game's multiplayer mode), plus the newly launched Community Marketplace.

In the case of "Minecraft", the situation is unfortunate at worst. "Beyond Good and Evil 2", Skull and Bones" "Assassin's Creed: "Origins" were some of the best games shown all week, but were far from the only great games Ubisoft brought to L.A.

"I found the whole discussion around safety with our game and that somehow we wouldn't take that as a top priority".

"Minecraft" is nearly there.

This is another area where the Xbox One outperforms the competition, with the 12GB of RAM included in the newest of the three consoles, with the RAM also being delivered at 326GB/s.

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